White Girls Don’t Want Us

by Admin on October 19, 2008

Point number one is quite simply this: White girls don’t want us. This might seem at first to be a ludicrous complaint: after all, isn’t it ‘natural’ for white girls to want white guys, and white guys to want white girls?

The part that the Asian man is bitter about is not just “White girls don’t want us” but rather “White girls don’t want us, but white guys are all over Asian girls”. Plenty of white guys want Asian girls. When this happens, they usually call it a fetish. They might give it names they think are clever like “having the Yellow Fever” or “being rice-ist”.

Sure, not all white guys are into Asian girls, but there are plenty that are. Let’s arbitrarily say that 5% of white guys have a thing for Asian girls.

So, 5% of white girls should have a thing for Asian guys, right? WRONG. The answer is probably more like 0.05%.

I mean, when was the last time you saw a male Asian porn star? (In a porno from the US of course, not a porno from Japan). And yet, how many female Asian porn stars are there? Okay, so porn is mostly targeted towards men. It might not say anything about the wants and desires of the average white woman. How about trashy romance novels, then? Surely those are the equivalent of porno targeted towards women. I’d be willing to bet that you could scan entire racks of trashy romances at your local supermarket and not find a single one that depicts an Asian man seducing and romancing a white woman. (At least, I have to assume this from all of the cover art.)

So there is this inequity in the white-Asian interracial thing, and the group that ends up with the short end of the stick is the Asian men. This is especially hard for those American-born Asians (ABAs) who grew up in America, speak better English than their parents, grew up among white people, and most importantly, have white standards of beauty. These unlucky guys, having been exposed to the American media all his life, is more likely to want a white girlfriend than an Asian girlfriend. The ABA and his white buddy might both be longing for that cute blond girl next door, but that cute blond girl is going to look at the buddy more often than the ABA.

It boils down to the fact that most white girls don’t even think about Asian men when they picture a ‘datable’ guy.

The Asian guy they know is a nice guy, is polite, can help them with their math homework – but is never somebody they would fantasize about wining and dining them. Again, critics will say immediately that it’s only natural for white girls to want white guys. To this I say bullshit. Plenty of white girls are into, say, Latino men as much as (or even more than) white guys. There are also white girls who are into black men as much as or more than white guys (leading some white guys to complain that black men are ‘stealing their women’. These white guys think they might understand what Asian men are going through. In fact, they don’t. They’re complete morons.)

Now hold on, some of you white girls are saying. I’d date an Asian! I’ve got nothing against them! That’s great and all, but before you go patting yourselves on the back, take a good look at the Asian guy you’re picturing in your head as the datable Asian. Does he wear Abercrombie and Fitch and drink lots of beer? If so, he’s not a real Asian. He’s a Twinkie – yellow on the outside, white on the inside, and full of crap. (Also bad for you.) Does he wear Fubu and refer to himself as a nigga? Also not a real Asian. (Heretofore these guys shall be known as ‘Yellow M&Ms’ – thanks Kono). If, on the other hand, he’s got glasses and is more versed in chemical engineering than trendy clothes, you’re a saint. (Give me your number.)

So in summary, Asian men are bitter about white women not wanting them not because they believe that all white women should want them, but because the trend of white women not wanting Asian men is not similarly mirrored in the trend of white men wanting Asian women. When a white girl meets an Asian guy, she almost instantly categorizes him in the ‘not datable’ column – most likely done unconsciously, but done all the same. The Asian guy is a good guy to know, but apparently not a choice to date.

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