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by Admin on March 7, 2013

JT Tran has created a Post-Bitter Asian Man world!

JT Tran has created a Post-Bitter Asian Man world!

To all of the Bitter Asian Men fans who have stayed with the website in the four years since the last update, the editors would like to thank you for your continued readership. Bitter Asian Men was known for highlighting the problems and frustrations of the Asian everyman, the topics that others often wanted to ignore, and now after a period of dormancy we would like to announce a new era to you, the followers.

The management of Bitter Asian Men has changed hands from Ed and Dave to JT Tran and the ABCs of Attraction. It is of vital importance that Asian men continue to have a voice, that they continue to have a vent, that common issues continue to be addressed. This was the original purpose of the Bitter Asian Men blog, to give a discussion platform to the Asian men who all too often suffered alone and in silence. With that in mind, JT Tran and the ABCs of Attraction are officially reopening and revamping the Bitter Asian Men community.

The new and improved Bitter Asian Men will seek not only to tackle issues of vital importance and heavy frustration for Asian men, but it will also seek to provide tried-and-tested solutions to what previously seemed like insurmountable problems. A self-described “nerd,” JT Tran understands many of these tribulations facing Asian men in today’s world. JT Tran and the ABCs of Attraction have developed proven methods to boost the confidence, dominance, and social skills of Asian men everywhere.

JT Tran lecturing students at Yale on how to be better men.

Under the leadership of JT Tran and the ABCs of Attraction, Bitter Asian Men will now begin to address how Asian men can date any woman they choose, how they can command the attention of an entire room, how they can gain the respect and awe of those around them, and how they can become the best Asian men they could be. Bitter Asian Men will move beyond the original platform of stopping at a voiced concern and will mature into a post-bitter, post-PUA, and post-political activist hotspot that provides resolution and vindication for the angry, lonely, and overlooked Asian men of the world.

We look forward to sharing this new era of Bitter Asian Men with our loyal readers.

JT “Be The Positive Change” Tran
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Alice Zindagi March 7, 2013 at 2:10 am

YESYESYESYESYES! I used to LOVE this blog when I started college. I feel old saying that… But thank goodness for a little bit of nostalgia.

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