Asian Girls Don’t Want Us

by Admin on October 20, 2008

So we’ve established that white girls just don’t want Asian guys. Big deal, some of you are saying. So what if there are white guys who want Asian girls? They’re fetishists, and you can’t be bitter just because of a mere fetish.

That would be true except for the following fact, which is really the low blow that enrages most Asian men and sends them into alternating cycles of self-pity and bitter resentment: Asian girls don’t want Asian guys either. Yes, you heard right. If the Asian man expected some sympathy from his own race for his plight, instead he got a punch in the gut.

We went over how white guys can be all over Asian girls, and the really sickening part is that the Asian girls are usually more than happy to respond in being all over the white guys. Think of any Asian/white interracial couples you might have seen. Chances are, it’s an Asian girl with a white guy, not the other way around. This isn’t just subjective bias talking – one recent population survey held in California (where there are huge populations of Asian guys, I must remind you) found that in an Asian/white interracial marriage, it was 10 times more likely to be an Asian girl and a white guy than the other way around.

 Why do Asian girls prefer white guys?

It’s not totally their fault, especially if they’re American-born. Like ABA guys, they might have grown up with white standards of beauty, swooning over Leonardo DiCaprio instead of Jet Li while growing up. So they might be more willing to date a white guy than their mother was. Of course, the difference between the Asian girl and the Asian guy is that the girl is likely to get some sort of positive response.

This is where my sympathy ends. It’s the other trend – Asian women who’ve grown up in their own country, swooning over white men half a world away – that’s the real kick in the crotch. The attention white guys get in places like Hong Kong, Taipei, and Tokyo is just sick. Never mind the recent news about the dating agency that recently opened in Great Britain and the US specifically for the purpose of helping Japanese women find good white men to marry.

What does the white guy have that the Asian guy doesn’t?

There’s two categories of this, actually – stuff that people THINK the Asian guy doesn’t have (but he does), and stuff that the Asian guy legitimately doesn’t have. I’ll get into these later in the sections entitles “Western society hates us” and “Nature hates us“. Suffice to say that a lot of these things are things that girls SAY they don’t care about… but they must be lying, because they do. What do girls usually say they care about? They say they care about respect, and a guy who has a future. Nobody has more respect than the Asian man! We treat our teachers well, we treat our elders well, and of course we treat our women well. As for future? When was the last time you saw a homeless Asian guy, or an Asian guy with a dead-end job at a McDonald’s?

The only conclusion I can draw from all of this is that most girls are lying to you when they tell you what they’re looking for, and that’s why the white guy wins. Sad? Yeah. But true.

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