Lowangic Law of Asian Entropy

by Original Bitter Asian Men on October 18, 2008

Contributed by Tiberius Lowang

Asian entropy is the concept that girls tend to dump their Asian boyfriends for white guys because this action is consistent with laws of nature. It is stated that the entropy of the universe increases in all natural processes. Since Asians are more orderly, reserved, compassionate, and socially responsible than white guys, the Second Law of Thermodynamics demands the girls to ditch them for bellicose, philistine white trash. This action is also irreversible in that “once you go black (in this case, white), there’s no coming back.”

The original entropy equation asserts that:


The Lowangic Law of Asian Entropy is analogous in form:


  • delta S is the change in entropy
  • n is the number of girls who attempt to dump the current Asian boyfriend for another person
  • Le is the Lowang entropy constant equal to 0.1
  • Symbol kis defined aswhere Z is the fraction of Asianness. The subscripts i and f refer the dumped boyfriend and the new boyfriend, respectively.

When a girl ditches an Asian for a white guy, the natural log of the ratio of kf to ki is positive. As a result, entropy increases and this action is encouraged. In contrast, when a girl ditches a white guy for an Asian, the ratio of kf to ki is less than 1. This would make the natural log negative and cause a decrease in entropy. Therefore, we rarely see this event occurring.

Now let’s check out the following examples:

Average Jane dumping Average Wang for Average Joe

  • ki = kWang = 1
  • kf = kJoe = 10

Applying the formula, we get delta S = +0.23. Therefore, this move is preferred as Jane happily dumps Wang to become Joe’s girlfriend.

Average Jane dumping Bruce Lee for Average Joe

  • ki = kBruce Lee = 2.205
  • kf = kJoe = 10

Applying the formula, we get delta S = +0.15. This explains why Dave stated that Bruce Lee would be fine until a white guy shows up. Since entropy has nothing to do with attractiveness, even an average Joe could succeed in displacing Bruce Lee and getting Jane. Such is the nature’s decree. This is yet another justification that nature hates us.

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