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A Brief Sociological Experiment

by Original Bitter Asian Men on July 8, 2008

Alert reader Jin Kim submitted the results of a brief sociological experiment he conducted. The premise was simple: he would find a random Asian girl (via, IM her, show her this website, and find out what she thought about it as well as some of her background. An excerpt of the IM conversation follows, with extraneous details and screen-names removed to protect the innocent (and the guilty):

(16:33:51) Jin: im just bored out of my mind at work ^_^
(16:33:55) Asian Girl: i see
(16:34:04) Asian Girl: lol…i take it you’re an anime fan or something?
(16:34:07) Asian Girl: with all those smileys
(16:34:27) Jin: lol well im asian so i figure that comes with the package deal of being an anime fan
(16:34:37) Asian Girl: that’s a lil stereotypical?
(16:34:42) Jin: 🙂
(16:34:59) Jin: though i wouldnt combine ^_^ face with anime cause thats a lil stereotypical 😛
(16:35:08) Jin: keke ^^;;
(17:24:17) Jin: heres a pretty funny website about stereotypes made by my friend
(17:25:10) Jin: lol
(17:26:04) Asian Girl: wow
(17:26:09) Jin: my favorite is the link to the dating agency specifically aimed at helping Japanese women find white men to date
(17:26:10) Jin: lol
(17:26:10) Asian Girl: that’s really fucked up
(17:26:18) Asian Girl: yah i know somethin lik ethat
(17:26:20) Jin: haha
(17:26:22) Asian Girl: how dumb can it get?!
(17:26:29) Asian Girl: i don’t understand the whole racist dating thingy
(17:27:31) Jin: lol then you are one of the few who does not fit on the normal curve of stereotypes, thus you are special<3 😛
(17:27:42) Jin: or something like that haha
(17:28:20) Jin: though the site shouldnt be taken seriously just like
(17:28:23) Jin: its all sarcasm
(17:28:34) Asian Girl: wow the more i read
(17:28:40) Asian Girl: the mroe weird out i am
(17:28:45) Asian Girl: the site’s full of crap
(17:28:45) Asian Girl: lol
(17:28:47) Jin: haha
(17:30:10) Asian Girl: asian girl fetish
(17:30:13) Asian Girl: lmao..that’s funny
(17:30:20) Asian Girl: i never knew anythin like that
(17:30:26) Jin: haha
(17:30:37) Jin: there are some white guys who do have asian girl fetishes
(17:31:00) Asian Girl: that’s creepy
(17:33:59) Asian Girl: o yah…this might make me sound really hypicritical
(17:34:05) Asian Girl: hypocritical*
(17:34:18) Jin: lol arent we all alittle hypocritical
(17:34:20) Asian Girl: but…my boyfriend’s white hahaha. =/
(17:34:24) Jin: hahaha
(17:34:27) Asian Girl: lol
(17:34:35) Asian Girl: i swear it’s not cuz of those reasons tho
(17:34:42) Asian Girl: we started datin in hs
(17:35:00) Jin: Haha
(17:35:06) Jin: maybe for him it is!
(17:35:07) Jin: 😛

The results are in: the first random Asian girl tested performed exactly as predicted by this site. Signs include denying the Asian fetish exists, pretending to be racially sensitive, and dating a white guy. More experiments are planned in the future.

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