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by Original Bitter Asian Men on July 8, 2008

Contributed by Tiberius Lowang

Hi, I am Tiberius Lowang of Beavercreek, a hardcore immigrant from the Empire, eh, People’s Republic of China. I’m not trying to be cool by using a pseudonym; I prefer this because more people recognize my alias than my real name. Of course, I lack the first-hand experience of girlfriend dumping me for a white guy, but I do wish to launch a vitriolic attack upon traditional Asian parents and the shallow white society as a tribute to this site and the Lowangic Order.

Aside from the myriad reasons listed elsewhere on this site about why Asian guys always end up getting shafted, another principal cause of the Asian plight is the misguided perceptions of Asian parents.

Regardless of nationality and religious belief, Asian parents seem to be united by an extreme form of sociological behavior known as “Asian work ethics.” Before I proceed further, allow me to clarify as to the difference between regular work ethics and Asian Work Ethics (AWE). Regular work ethics is essential to success ? it separates the productive Asian men from the average rioting, inebriating white men. However, this continuous search for self-improvement is voluntary action guided by the cultural duty to excel at life. Asian Work Ethics, in contrast, refers to banalities involuntarily imposed upon Asian boys (and girls) by parents. These Asian parents use their own hardships and often fabricated success stories to motivate the children to be some academic guru or virtuoso. The parents also become excessively protective of the children and forbid them to pursue their own independent lifestyle until they turn 30 or something.

The emerging Asian parental logic, especially from centralized states such as China, is that the children should focus on academics only until after graduate school. In fact, all of the activities should be school-related. Asian parents tell their children to play the piano not for self-improvement but to look good on a scholarship application. Asian parents tell their children to hang out with people of the same gender because they suspect the “innocuous” children may be tempted to start dating at an early age and ruin the “glorious future.” What’s the product of such form of education? Asian children become drones in the academic hive: they possess an encyclopedic knowledge on number theory but are too shy to go to parties or communicate with girls; they know how phospholipids are synthesized but lack the courage to pursue the opposite sex at an early age. This in turn substantiates the popular “Asian kids are nerds who are good at science” stereotype and destroys any possibility of a successful relationship between Asian male and others. At least Dave and Ed had girlfriends; many others are still cramming physics everyday till midnight and seeking seclusion behind their thick lens. I lament for these ruined souls.

The prodigious Asian parents attempt to solve this detrimental cycle by proclaiming that girls will become attracted to you once you lead a successful career. Another perception is that dating should begin only in graduate school because those people have a higher likelihood to succeed. Little do they understand American culture! The former scenario doesn’t work because girls who act obsequiously toward successful middle-aged Asian men are most likely to be shallow white girl seeking pregnancy and alimony. The latter scenario doesn’t work because attractive and sincere people in graduate schools are mostly likely taken. Good girls are difficult to find, so why wait for seven or eight years and watch them taken by undeserving Caucasians? The time to act is now.

The second part of this article is more relevant to the content of the site. I loathe the American preference for danger and adventure over a stable and productive lifestyle. So many girls and women are possessed by images of some macho man in black leather jackets riding towards his doom (in the form of car accident) on a motorcycle. Some girls even want to marry rock stars because they have some shrilling voice and provocative dance moves. What do these dotards know about the principles of long-term relationships? What do these imbeciles know about the concept of domestic stability? It’s not an exaggeration to conclude that Hollywood action films are ruining the future Americans with their romantic vision of hot girl seduced by burlesque guys and somehow manage to live a successful life (though the movies usually end with some carnal scenes and never mention their situation thirty years later).

In reality, these masculine, white punks constitute the majority of wife-beaters and child abusers.

Typical example is some guy gets fired from work for drunkenness, chug a bottle of beer, and unleash the fury on defenseless family members. You see incidents like this over and over again among the white population but never among the Asians. Most Asians, excluding those seduced by Western culture by trying to assimilate into the world of drugs and punk rock, are honest, sincere, alms-giving, law-abiding denizens. Asian guys are the ones who’d stay with you in the hospital when you’re sick; they are the ones who’d buy you flowers when you’re down; they are the loving fathers and dutiful husbands. Conversely, some white guys can be defined as the following: deceitful, hypocritical, playa-behaving, beer-loving hooligans. These are the ones who’d watch some lame football game and forget that you’re in the emergency room; these are the ones who’d make selfish, smart-ass comments when you’re depressed; they are the irresponsible parents who’d let their children play with firearms and cheat on their wives to sleep with younger girls. Yet, sadly, white girls and some Asian girls continue to fall in love with the white population while ignoring the elite Asians.

I hope someday the majority of the female population in the United States will regard Asians as loving companions and not math mentors. Lastly, to the tens of thousands of Asian boys ruined by domineering parents: it’s time to stand up and cut your own paths in life!

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