Yellow Fever

by Original Bitter Asian Men on February 18, 2008

Just a quick post to link to an interesting and thought provoking article I ran across:,chang,74988,2.html

The article over a year old, but it’s highly relevant. It’s about the Yellow Fever phenomenon, only from the perspective of the Asian female. It addresses many of the points I’ve ranted/blogged about before – the objectification, the myth of the Asian female as submissive and perfect, etc. Vickie also mentions some music references about stuff that’s been on my mind but I haven’t written about – stuff like Gwen Stefani’s ridiculous “Harajuku Girls” (like she says, if it had been four black women called I dunno, the “Compton Girls”, you can be damn sure that Jesse Jackson would’ve been on her ass in no time flat) or Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo’s Yellow Fever anthem “El Scorcho” – Cuomo, incidentally, ended up marrying a Japanese girl last I heard.

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