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by Original Bitter Asian Men on October 7, 2008

Q. Is this site for real?

A. Of course this site is for real. I’m Asian. I’d put up a DNA sample to prove it, but sadly internet technology isn’t advanced enough for that just quite yet. I’m also bitter, for sure. Why would I fake being bitter? Being bitter is no fun.

Q. Who runs this site?

A. The content of this site is produced by two bona-fide bitter Asians, Ed and Dave. Why are they bitter? Their Asian ex-girlfriends both dumped them to start dating white guys. Isn’t it obvious? There are more bitter Asians in their circle of friends, but some of them don’t want to embarrass themselves by saying bitter things online.

Q. Tell us more about Ed and Dave.

A. That’s not a question.

Dave was born near Dayton, Ohio to a Taiwanese mother and a German father. As a child, he excelled at the typical Asian pursuits, and in particular, classical music and academics. David achieved much by the time he finished high school, including being invited to play violin in the All-State Orchestra for four consecutive years, achieving the equivalent of a black belt in Kung-Fu, and obtaining a full ride to The Ohio State University. Four years and $60,000 of taxpayer dollars afterwards, he earned two degrees: one in Mathematics and one in Computer Science Engineering, and finished with a 3.94 GPA. David is currently 22 years old and works as a software engineer in Minnesota. In his spare time, he plays video games, tinkers with his computers, lifts weights, and practices martial arts. He is extremely bitter because his Asian girlfriend of more than four years dumped him for a white boy shortly after he moved to Minnesota.

Edward Chang was born in Manhattan, Kansas to a Japanese mother and a Taiwanese father. The family soon moved to Akron, Ohio, and then subsequently to Copley, Ohio. Edward was stereotypical Asian child – played piano for thirteen years (receiving the National Guild of Piano Players’ Diploma), achieving a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, graduating as valedictorian of his high school with a 4.26, and so on. He attended The Ohio State University on a full ride, graduating with majors in Microbiology and Japanese. Ed is about to turn 23 years old at the time of this writing and is attending OSU’s medical school for a combined MD/PhD program on a full ride. Ed quickly learned in college that a perfect SAT and perfect ACT mean absolute shit in attracting girls. He is somewhat bitter as his Asian girlfriend of a few months dumped him for a white boy two years ago. Although not as bitter as Dave, he makes up for it in sheer cynicism.

Q. I’m a bitter Asian! Can I contribute to the site?

Of course, provided you can write coherently and have something important to say. Will you be credited? Of course! Unless you don’t want to be credited. Anonymous contribution is cool.

Q. I think the content of your site is very offensive. Haven’t you ever stopped to think that maybe the reason nobody wants to date you is because you’re always angry and offensive?

A. No.

Q. Ever considered working out or showering?

A. Believe it or not, we do both! Wasn’t enough for our exes to not start going out with scrawnier, smellier white guys.

Q. I am a hot girl who is really into Asian men. Can I sleep with you?

A. Yes.

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