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by Original Bitter Asian Men on October 23, 2008

Why are Asian men bitter? A better question would be, why not? Asian men have plenty of reasons to be bitter, which is what this page is going to detail. Still, if I wanted to sum it up in just one sentence, it would be the following:

Nobody wants Asian men and it’s just not fair.

Ok, so that sounds like a whiny, petulant thing to say, but bear with me for a minute. By the time you’re finished perusing these pages, you’ll not only think it’s not whiny – you’ll come to realize that it’s one hundred percent true. Unless you’re an idiot, in which case neither I nor this page is going to help you.

Of course, that’s just the beginning. What else is there? How about how much society hates us? Or why we get screwed over by political correctness? Or how we get none of the benefit and all of the costs? The list goes on and on, and in fact, the more I think about the topic, the more reasons I can think of. Hence this page, a collection of rants on various topics written by us Bitter Asian Men as to why life as an Asian man sucks.

Here are the reasons why Asian Men are bitter, and deservedly so. Click on a reason to jump to a page that fully details how the Asian male is screwed over.

White Girls Don’t Want Us
Good luck trying to get a date in this country – a white girl looking for an Asian guy is about as likely as Kim Jong-Il and George Dubya Bush making out on the beach. Though far less disgusting.

Asian Girls Don’t Want Us
Why so many Asian guys have that sharp, stabbing pain in the middle of their back.

Western Society Hates Us
Wherein a sophisticated analysis taking into account numerous sociological and psychological research paradigms reveal that, put in layman’s terms, America doesn’t give a shit about us chinks.

Nature Hates Us
Why if God created man in his own image, God must be white, whereas us yellow people must be some sort of mistake.

A Halfy’s Perspective
Wherein one of us (the half-Asian one) points out why his whiteness counts for absolutely nothing.

The Asian Parent Syndrome
On parents and what we get from them other than being short and yellow.

They Steal Our Culture
A look at why some white guys try to be Asian, and why real Asians hate them.

The Tsunami Song Rant
I’m not even going to bother trying to come up with a funny description for this rant. I am that pissed.

The Plight of the Asian-Loving Non-Asian Woman
A look at the other side of the equation, and how there are some women out there who deserve to be as bitter as BAM.

Why Ninjas Are Better Than Girls
Why despite being screwed over in many ways, I am still glad to be an Asian.

Year of the Bitter Asian Man
My New Year’s Resolution is to cure cancer.

I Hate Valentine’s Day
Try shooting me and I’ll sue your rosy ass for assault and battery, Cupid.

The Blizzard Conspiracy
Starbucks is also involved somehow.

Thoughts on a Killer
No humor here – just some thoughts on the case of Cho Seung-Hui.

Strike Two for New York City Radio
One more and NYC will be Dead To Me.

I Love/Hate Anime
Do I Love it or Hate it? Either way, if you Love it, I probably Hate you.

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